by Dad Brother

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Mavericks was recorded in Dingmans Ferry, PA and Montclair, NJ during summer 2012. Pay what you'd like, and enjoy.


released October 26, 2012

All songs written, recorded, and mixed by Dad Brother.
Evan Luberger - drums/bass/guitar/percussion/vocals
Andrew Lange - guitar/bass/percussion/vocals
Mastered by Skylar Adler



all rights reserved


Dad Brother Montclair, New Jersey

Two-man rock and roll from Montclair, NJ.

Evan Luberger - Drums, vocals
Andrew Lange - Guitar, vocals

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Track Name: Scooter & Chippy
Take it from me, you're the worst.
I got a couple things to say, so I'm gonna
A little bit of innocence, mixed with paranoia.
We're all wrapped up and cellophane-plain
And we're waiting on the end of the world.
I met a man with a Coca-Cola smile
'Said he made a living wistlin' in Detroit Michigan.
I asked him could he maybe spare a little change
'Said he left it at the end of the world.
Take it from me, you're the worst.
I hit the bottle tryin' to find something better than
A pocket full of lies and a closet full of skeletons.
I hitched a ride on a 737
And it landed on top of the wolrd.
I get lifted when I wanna.
I take a little pill and slip into a coma.
You said I couldn't so I'm gonna.
And I will write home when I get to Arizona.
Take it from me, you're the worst
Take it from me, and don't give it back 'til I say pretty please
Track Name: I am the Trees
I am the mighty hand of thunder
Forced to walk these streets from birth
The bastard son of father time
Cast aside by mother earth
With the howling of the forest
And the sinking of the sand
I'll wipe away the sinners
With the blood beneath my hand
Buildings tremble from my footsteps
Crush the glass between my teeth
I'm a buzz saw blade of vengeance
Born of trouble, raised in grief.
I'm the plantation, I'm the farm
I'm the master, I'm the slave
And you'll hear me beg for freedom
Until these shackles break
Give me one more cup of coffee
And I'll bring you to your knees
I am the trees.